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DES Community, 

We have reached the end of the year, which as always, is filled with lots of busy event and opportunities to celebrate all our hard work. We have finished the Freckle Pig Math challenge and awarded the the homeroom with the most math minutes since the start of the school year in August 2020. Congratulations to Ms. Stanhouses' class on this incredible achievement. They worked just over 24,000 minutes working on math content and skills! Wow!

Our fourth grade students in Mrs. Craft's class have produced another DES Newscast. Thanks to Mrs. Kuhnert and Mrs. Craft on continuing to produce these and giving these students unique opportunties to learn and grow!

We are finishing up grades for the 4th quarter and students will receive their report cards on the final day of school next Tuesday, May 25th. Also if you got a letter about the summer program, please return the enrollment form as soon as possible. We may have options for academics and will be offering enrichment camps too. Watch for that information coming in backpack in the next few days.

Finally we are saying goodbye to Mr. Alvarado, Dean of Students, and Mrs. Aue, RtI Intervention teacher. Mr. Alvarado spent most of his career working with students in special education and was the longtime leader of the DMS Builder's Club focused on serving others with kindness,  respect and courage. Mrs. Aue taught 3rd grade and 2nd grade reading in addition to the intervention program. I will miss seeing her special book projects in the hallways.  I will miss collaborating with Mr. Alvarado to help our school run smoothly and finding ways to help our kids and families. Combined they are exiting with 56 years in our District, which is going to be very challenging to replace. We will be celebrating their acommoplishments next Wednesday on the final work day and wishing them all the best in their new life adventure! 

Diana Rea, Elementary Principal