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DES Families, 

We have had a fantastic week at Du Quoin Elementary. Our students are enjoying the daily theme/activity days and our educators definitely feel appreciated! Thanks to the PTO for the special yard sign and beautiful cookies. We truly appreciate the PTO organizing and running the Scholastic Book Fair last week. It was a huge success I know from all the smiling faces of our students holding new books! Thank you!

Our countdown continues next week with the following fun days:

Monday, May 10 - O for Orange Day: Wear orange clothing

Tuesday, May 11 - P for Popcorn Day: We'll enjoy a yummy popcorn treat

Wednesday, May 12 - Q for Quiet Day: Quiet day at an elementary school? Well, we'll see how that works!

Thursday, May 13 - R for Rainbow Day: Wear as much ROY G BIV as possible

Friday, May 14 - S for Sunglasses and Silly Socks Day: Get those shades and funny socks ready.

Lastly I want to highlight our technology program under the direction of Mrs. Kuhnert and 4th Grade teacher Mrs. Craft. The students in Mrs. Craft's class have participated in a school news broadcast for technology class. The video production was so fantastic, I wanted to share with our families and community. You can view it here

With Papoose Pride, 

Diana Rea, Principal