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Du Quoin Elementary School families, 

With the District 300 announcement concerning our school days switching to Remote Learning, we will follow the Friday Remote Learning schedule for instruction. Students should login to their morning Google Meetings with their homeroom teacher both days. Then throughout the remainder of the day or evening, student will complete any at home or online assignments for the day. Teachers will be availble with virtual office hours until 3:00 PM for questions or clarification on assignments. 

We are taking advantage of this opportunitty to reinforce and build new skills - so as a school challenge, we are holding a Moby Max competition! Teachers and students will work together, when a classrrom of students earn 20,000 points, they willl win an ice cream party! Watch for details from your homeroom teacher to get started. We are committed - - dispite a health and weather crisis - - to ensuring our students succeed, whether in the classroom or while learning remotely during school closures.

Parents should log e-learning attendance in TeacherEase during Remote Learning Days this Tuesday, Feb. 16 and Wednesday, Feb. 17. Students need to login to Clever, read announcements, and check on work, including special classes, as assigned. 

Diana Rea, Principal