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DES Families and Community, 

I hope this news message find you well and safe. The past few days of inclement weather have brought snow, sleet and, as I write this, freezing rain to our region. If your work requires you to be out on the roads, first I say thank you for all you do for our community! We hope you have safety of travel. 

The emergency closures days have created additional challenges to our academic school year. Therefore, as you have seen from the District,  instead of using an emergency day on Thursday, Feb. 11,  it will now be a Remote Learning day. So what does that mean for elementary? The homeroom teachers will conduct Google meetings with students on Thursday and Friday this week. Thursday meeting times will be the same as the regular Friday Google meeting time. For example, if your teacher holds meetings at 8:30 on Friday, there will be a meeting at that time on Thursday this week as well. Students will have assignments to comlete for the remainder of the day. As a support, teachers will be available online throughout the day Thursday for questions and help with work until 3:00PM. Watch for additional details on the work and link for the additional help  from your homeroom teacher. 

In order to keep our Rump reading schedule, we do ask that you keep up with the daily chapter readings. Reading the following chapters will have your student ready for our classroom activities and discussions when school resumes in person next Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Chaper 16 [2/9]: pp.113-119 – One Bargain Too Many

Chapter 17 [2/10]: pp.120-129 – Martha’s Endless Tales

Chapter 18 [2/11]: pp. 130 -137 – In Search of a Stiltskin

Chapter 19 [2/12]: pp. 138-148 – Trolls, Witches, and Poison Apples

Please remember to login on TeacherEase for e-learning so your student is counted in attendance. Also a free grab and go breakfast/lunch will be available from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Thursday and Friday. Meals may be picked up at the main doors of the our school or at the rear cafeteria doors at the high school.  While the roads are unsafe for travel, many of us will be working from home. If duirng these next few days you are needing assistance, email is the best form of contact. 

With Papoose Pride, 

Diana Rea, Principal