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Du Quoin Elementary Parents and Families,

We hope this message finds you having a good week! I just happed to see some of our Kindergarten students taking advantage of the snow blowing around to conduct a quick science experiment. The awe and excitement of new discoveries is priceless!

As we approach February, here are some important dates and items to remember. We have a school holiday on Monday, Feb. 15 for Presidents' Day. As in the past on weeks with a Monday holiday, we will have in person attendance on Friday, February 19th. This has been our practice all year to keep the 4 days in person learning for our students. Please add this date to your calendar. Looking forward the next time this could happen is the week after Easter Break on Friday, April 9. 

Finally with Valentine's Day approaching, please watch for information from your homeroom teacher. We will not have a regular Valentine's Day celebration, since the holiday falls on a Sunday this year.  Also we will not have Valentines brought to school to pass out as a protection against transmitting the Covid-19 virus. Teachers will, instead, celebrate in a smaller way and may ask for store bought candy or cookies several days in advance. We appreciate your support and continued efforts to keep our school and students safe. 

We need your help - - if picking up a student at the dismissal, we ask that you park in a parking spot and walk to the area where your student is being dismissed. Please do not park along the fence or barriers next to the picnic area.  We are noticing some families not being able to exit safely. Thank you for your help with this concern!

Our students are enjoying Rump! Our schedule for the next five days includes the following pages and chapters:

Day 7 [1/27]: Ch. 7 pp. 40 – 48 – Gold Means Food

Day 8 [1/28]: Ch. 8 pp. 49 – 52 – Gold Means Secrets

Day 9 [1/29]: Ch. 9 pp.53-61– Gold Found, Treasure Lost

Day 10 [2/1]: pp. 62-65– Unfair Bargains

Day 11 [2/2]: pp. 66-72– King Barf

With Papoose Pride,

Diana Rea, Principal