Papoose mascot

DES families,

We have enjoyed a busy week at Du Quoin Elementary this week, with school pictures and taking the Choose to Be Nice pledge. All the students did a great job following directions as we participated in our fall pictures. During this picture day time, our students also reviewed the oath of our character education program, making a oath to "choose to be nice and spread kindness wherever and whenever possible." Pretty simple but important promise! Last month our students learned about Respectful Ryan and how to always be polite! Beginning this month our focus in on Kindness Kiera and creative ways we can spread kindness! Maybe you can help, and make kindness contagious! 

We also want to share some expectations for our Google Meets video lessons. You can help by reviewing these rules before our Friday meetings this week. Also watch for a video explanation from me, Mr. Alvarado and maybe a few friends to help with the guidelines. This is our virtual classroom so the following classroom behavior is expected. 

We, at DES, expect our students to . . . 

. . . .have a distraction free, quiet spot for our meetings. Please do not carry your computer around during the meeting,  invite pets or bring toys and items that take us away from our work.  While your pets are cute, lets save them for a "share your pet day." 

. . . have finished all meals and taken a bathroom break before our meeting begin.  Please no eating during virtual meetings, remember this is class time. 

. . . keep your audio on mute until you need to speak and use your headphones. This will help to limit background noise so you can focus on the speaker at all times. (If you need headphones, ask Principal Rea, she has tons to share!)

. . . raise your hand  when you want to speak or answer a question, then unmute yourself after you are called upon.


. . .remember the chat box is public, and a record of the chat is kept and archived. 

. . . join us and make Fridays, DES Spirit days, by wearing red and black (no PJs please) . 

. . . make sure your video/camera is on so we can see your happy face!

We appreciate all your help and support and encourage you to reach out to us with questions! 

With Papoose Pride,

Diana Rea, Principal 

We are DES! Our Mindset is Success!