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Parents and Guardians,

It's hard to believe, but we will reach the midterm period of the 1st quarter this Friday, Sept. 11. We encourage our 1st - 4th grade families to regularly check your student progress with regard to grades in TeacherEase. If your student has incomplete assignments, those tasks should be completed as soon as possible. 

Kindergarten and 1st grade students should complete remote learning practice daily in Seesaw. While 2nd - 4th grade students will find their assignments in Google Classroom daily. Parents please make sure your student is clicking on the Seesaw or Google Classroom app on the Clever teacher page to open these programs for instruction. The images for these two applications are below for visual reference. 


We are using many online or digital programs to help our students be successful in their learning progress. These programs, such as Freckle Math, Moby Max, MAP assessment, and others, are set to adapt to your child's learning readiness to ensure all students are being challenged and supported at just the right level. As a parent, you may need to help them with the technical side of logging into the Clever or opening one of these programs. However, you should not help your child with the content and skill aspect of the program. The programs will adjust the work to adapt to your students' needs as they complete the assignments, giving the teacher important information concerning academic plans and progress. Please also know that the programs include tutorials and other features to help your child build new skills. Work in these programs is graded as a completion grade, not an achievement grade. We realize the added stress of seeing a student struggle, but it is through struggle that one really learns! It is through these unique programs designs, that we can provide practice on remote days so your child can continue to move forward with their learning and appreciate your support with these efforts.  

Finally, if you have not heard already, our breakfast and lunch program is now FREE for all students. Similar to the summer foods program, any student 18 and younger may receive a breakfast or lunch without charge. Also our cafeteria is serving lunches in the back of our school. You can get these at the commons/middle school gym door sidewalk from 1:00 - 2:00 PM Monday - Friday. Meals are also served on Friday from the front elementary doors from 10 - 11:30 AM. All our menus are listed on the district webpage and app, accessible at

Diana Rea, Principal