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DES Families, 

As we continue to plan for the upcoming school year, please watch for this weekly family newsletter with details and information on the return to school guidelines and procedures. Below please find answers to the questions for this week:

I have heard about the Chromebook rental program. How do I get a device rented for my student to use this year?

At the elementary school, we will distribute Chromebooks for students for use on remote learning days. At the start of the school year, Google accounts are created for our elementary students. During the first week of school, we will teach our students how to login to the Chromebook using their personal account information and provide classroom support as they practice logging in to our digital resources and assignments. We will be using an online program that provides a single sign-on process to get to everything they need. Through this program, which is a free service to our district, our young students can have a QR code unique for them to scan providing easy login for remote learning days of instruction. The rental system is $25 per student, with reduced rates using a sliding fee schedule based on your student's school lunch status. Beginning on Aug. 28, we will distribute the Chromebooks to students who will need them for remote learning days. Please complete this form if you anticipate wanting to rent a Chromebook so we can prepare appropriately.   

Can you provide details concerning the arrival and dismissal of students? 

Arrival: We will use many doors during the arrival to school in the mornings. Our doors will be locked until 7:20 when our first bus load of students will arrive. We are planning for staggered bus arrival to assist with the symptom checking process as students enter school. 3rd and 4th grade students will enter using the main elementary doors. 1st and 2nd grade will use the doors located in the middle of the elementary school. This was the area we used during remote learning for distributing and collecting student work last spring. Kindergarten students will enter using the District office doors where the awning with the Du Quoin CUSD #300 sign is located at the west end of the elementary school. * If you, as a Kindergarten parent are planning to escort your student to class Aug. 19 - Aug. 25, you will need to enter after 8:30 using the main doors, sign in and clear the safety protocols before proceeding to the classroom.  

All students who are car riders are encouraged to arrive at 7:40 for later using the front bus lane entrance to these specific grade level entrance doors. Arrival in the back of the school will be used for elementary, as well, using marked locations at the west end of the drop off lane beginning at 7:20. We ask that you wait to ensure your student is clear for entry to school from the question and temperature check protocol before leaving the school grounds. Students entering late, will need to enter using the main doors. Office personnel will sign students in during these situations, and the student will proceed to class following clearance from symptom checking.

Dismissal: The elementary will use a staggered system to safely move students to buses and car rider lines for dismissal. Weather permitting, Kindergarten car rider students will exit to the back of the middle school parking lot from our playground to the covered shelter located next to the middle school playground. During screening each Kindergarten family will receive two car rider tags which will need to be presented in the shelter to the adult supervisors before we can release students to dismiss home. The 2nd grade and 4th grade will dismiss using the elementary playground path to the parking lot area behind the middle school. Students in 1st and 3rd will dismiss through the commons doors to the back. Weather not permitting, all students will dismiss in a staggered schedule through the commons doors to the sidewalk area. More concerning the staggered dismissal times will be shared closer to school resuming. As a reminder, we do require families to meet elementary students along the sidewalk area.  We ask you to use your mask and observe social distancing while waiting for your student.

If I need to come to the school, are there new procedures that I need to follow?

Unfortunately in light of the new conditions, the open door policy will not be the norm this year.  All doors will continue to be locked for everyone's safety.  During this school year, business requiring an adult to enter the school will be by appointment only. After buzzing the door, someone will meet you at the door to determine your needs and safety to enter the school office.  We apologize for this additional inconvenience, and encourage you to establish an appointment by calling the school at 542-2646 anytime. 

When is registration or did that already happen?  

New student registration will be held on Wednesday, August 5 from 8AM - 3PM. Please share with families in the community. During this new enrollment, the front doors will be open. New families need to enter the elementary office for documents and will have seating in the commons to complete the required paperwork. All new students will need to provide proof of residency and pay registration fees. 

If you have a returning student and have not completed the online registration, please contact the office at 542-2646 for assistance. 

Thank you for your time, attention and patience as we continue to work toward the start of another school year. This is my 31st year in education, and even given the unique situation that we are "having school," the excitement for the new year is real. I can't wait to see all our Papooses returning to DES! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. 

With Papoose Pride,

Diana Rea, Principal