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21st Century enrichment clubs return in the second semester for the 2023-2024 program year. The enrichment clubs include a guitar club called G3, Minecraft Edu eGaming clubs and Chess. Guitar club and chess have a family engagement component inviting parents and families to a "jam sesh" and chess matches. 

We're excited to be able to offer these clubs for our students again this year. The enrollment is currently open to enrolled 21st Century students in 4th - 8th grades until Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024. Following the program registration in the clubs, available openings will be offered to the general student population. 

Enrichment Club Descriptions:

Minecraft EDU eGaming Club: What exactly is Minecraft? It’s a game in which players use three-dimensional blocks to build their own unique world. Minecraft began as the brainchild of Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, and an early version of it was originally released in 2009. Think of the game, as Wired magazine said, as “a virtual version of Lego” that has “no levels, no story, no lives, no points.” So, what does Minecraft have to offer? Well, as it turns out, plenty. Students learn collaboration and cooperation as they navigate new worlds together building problem-solving skills along the way, all facilitated by teacher Natalie Higgerson, 7th grade math teacher at DMS.

G3 Club: The club's name stands for Guys, Gals and Guitars. Under the leadership of Ike Minton, DMS band and music teacher, students will learn how to play guitars! The program has guitars for students use and will issue them as needed for students to practice between club meetings. Students will receive a rental request to rent a program instrument.  This club was a huge success last year with many students learning to play guitar. We are excited to see students exploring and learning while also building an awesome skill. Music is all about math, but “shhh” don’t tell the kids! Mr. Minton is hosting small group lessons on Tuesdays for student in the G3 Club. He will reach out with additional information when those classes begin. One unique aspect of this club is that once a month, families will be invited to join the club for a “jam sesh” as part of the Tuesday classes.  

Chess Club: The 21st Century Chess Club allows students to get together to play friendly games of chess and to work on their mastery of the game.  The club is open to students in 4th - 8th grades. The Chess Club teaches the love of learning through the passionate pursuit of personal interests and exposes students to problem solving and creative thinking. The club also invites community members to “Chess Challenges” and seeks opportunities to spread their “craze for chess” through chess events in the community. The Chess Club sponsor is Larry Alvarado, retired DMS teacher and DES Dean of Students at DES