Calling all help for photos!

Hi everyone! As you all very well know, we are in quite a different scenario for school this year. I am in charge of collecting photos each year for our yearbook, and that has become quite a task this year. So far, I have baseball and softball photos and some of the faculty and students in school, but of course, they are all wearing masks and can’t be next to each other for cute group poses. This is where you come in! I am asking for parents to download the IShare app through your mobile app store. The app is offered through Balfour and they produce our yearbooks each year. If you sign up for an account, you can upload photos of your kids doing school things at home, at their sporting events, or anything they do! It will be a unique yearbook for sure! Even if they spend the day swimming, send those photos. I want to try to capture what this year really was, and it is so much more than only being in a classroom!

If you would like to add the app, you will need to create an account after it is downloaded. You will need the following code:


You can upload photos directly from your phone into the app. I am the only person to see the photos so I can put them in the yearbook.

I ask that you only submit appropriate photos to be put into the yearbook. If your child wants to download the app also, that is fine. Please speak to them about what is appropriate and not appropriate for school photos. :)

I really appreciate the help with this task! I think it would be great to capture these kids outside of the school setting. You all are wonderful!