If you need a Du Quoin High School transcript, you may request one in several ways. However, the request must be in writing and signed by the owner of the transcript. Do not have a third party request your transcript.

  1. Stop by the guidance office between 7:30am & 3:30pm on any scheduled school day and fill out a transcript release form.
  2. Write a note or letter requesting the transcript and mail it to Du Quoin High School, ATTN: Guidance Dept, 500 East South Street, Du Quoin, IL 62832.
  3. Fax a request to 618-542-8822 with ATTN: Guidance Office on the cover sheet.
  4. Email a request to either counselor:
    1. Erik Kirkpatrick, counselor: ekirkpatrick@duquoinschools.org
    2. Lynn Gross-Woodside, counselor: lgrosswoodside@duquoinschools.org
  5. Choose an electronic transcript if you are are 2013 graduate or later.

Inserted Image Click on the link & set up an account.

Then you can request your transcript to be sent electronically to most colleges.

DHS receives an email requesting the transcript be sent wherever you want. The college can receive the transcript instantly (when they open it on their end). This account can be used throughout your life to send college transcripts too. Students can also request a transcript for themselves. (This is the fastest & easiest way to send transcripts. DHS prefers this electronic version.) Sometimes there will be a small fee (around $2.45) for college transcripts to be sent but colleges usually charge much more if you go directly to the college to request it.

On any written request, please include

  1. Your name including any name you used while in high school (maiden name, etc.),
  2. Your address and/or phone number,
  3. Your date of birth,
  4. The year you graduated or left high school, and
  5. Where you want the transcript sent.
  6. Please include your signature with the current date.

An official transcript can only be mailed to the college or business that is requiring it. Colleges must receive an official transcript for admission purposes. If you want a personal copy of your transcripts, please state that and the address to which you want it mailed or emailed. Official transcripts cannot be released to the owner of the transcript.