Technology Skills by Grade


  • Introduction of computer hardware components
  • Introduction of basic computer operations
  • Introduction of basic Internet skills (includes tabs, closing, navigation between websites)
  • Mouse skills
  • Introduction of common computer terminology (includes text boxes, fill, cell naming, toolbars)
  • Keyboard recognition (includes shift key, space bar, backspace, and enter)
  • Introduction to research using pictures
  • Responsible computer usage

1st Grade

  • Reinforce skills from Kindergarten
  • Locating specific files
  • Introduction to the Save/Open process
  • Introduce graphics (sizing and moving)
  • Introduce collaboration skills using the Internet
  • Expand on research skills
  • Introduce toolbars (MS Word, MS Publisher)

2nd Grade

  • Reinforce skills from 1st grade
  • Expand save/open files (done independently throughout various programs)
  • Introduce home row on the keyboard
  • Expand on research skills (locating and collecting information from a variety of sources)
  • Expand on graphics (retrieving from a variety of sources)
  • Expand on toolbars
  • Introduce Multimedia

3rd/4th Grade

  • Create, save, and open documents independently
  • Task switching
  • Copy/Paste using program buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Graphs, charts, and spreadsheets - design and usage
  • Word processing - extensive development and skills
  • Expand multimedia skills using graphics, text and sound
  • Information - locate, evaluate and collect using the Internet
  • Keyboarding

Technology Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4th Grade Pierce Davis Kellerman Krone Phipps
3rd Grade Loyd Beckham Aue Bookstaver Benson
2nd Grade Miller Valier Craig Tilley Craig/Tilley
Kindergarten DeMent/Vancil Piper/Beard Smith/DeMent Vancil/Piper Beard/Smith
1st Grade Gossett/Stanhouse Harsy/Day Kelly-Milam/Gosset Stanhouse/Harsy Day/Kelly-Milam