Welcome to Du Quoin High School Library

Regular Hours
Monday- Friday 7:15-11:30am, 12:15-4pm

Welcome to the Du Quoin High School Library. The library is located right off the Commons and offers nearly 10,000 books. There are many tables for studying, lounge chairs for reading and a computer lab. The library is open during most regular school days before school, during lunch and after school. Du Quoin High School library is a part of the Illinois Heartland library system. Click on the subsection to learn more.

Library Cards

Freshman and new students will be issued a library card at no cost. The card is to be kept all four years of high school. If a replacement card is needed there will be a $5.00 fee. If cards are not kept, books may not be checked out. Students may not use other students cards to check out books. Students cannot be looked up by name to check books up. Library cards are required.


Students are responsible for turning library books in on their due dates. Library books are checked out for two weeks at a time, and the due date is written on the inside front cover on the card pocket. If books are needed for longer than two weeks, books can be renewed to avoid fees. Fines for overdue books are $0.10 a day.


Books in the library are arranged in the Dewey Decimal System. Books which have been lost, stolen, or damaged will be billed to the borrower of the book.