Welcome to the World of Dance

Du Quoin Varsity Dance Team

The Making of an Indianette

“Indianettes” is the name for Du Quoin High-school’s dance team. They participate in many events around Du Quoin whether it be dancing at the boy’s varsity games, dancing in parades, or competing in their own competition season for your entertainment. But this team isn’t just filled with smiles and glitter, it’s full of hardworking girls who have a passion to dance. Dancing is a way to represent yourself as a person and it helps to improve your confidence by 100%. Indianettes also helps you find a small part of yourself without you even realizing it until the season is over with. Indianettes is another way to learn how to bond with your teammates, to learn how to respect your coaches/teammates and be a good example for yourself and to the community, and it also helps with learning the true value of showing good sportsmanship. Blood, sweat, and tears are poured onto the dance floor, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Think you’re interested? To become an Indianette you must be able to have all of the requiring; Required Technique for tryouts, Good Memory, Creativity, and Positive Attitudes/ Confidence. Once you accomplish these 5 requirements you’ll have an amazing chance to be apart of something truly life changing.


  • Calypso
  • Right/left split leap
  • Right/left switch split leap
  • Right/left splits
  • Straight legs (turns in second)
  • Double pirouette
  • Triple pirouette
  • Axel
  • Anything else that could contribute to the team :)
  • Flexibility, turns, certain jumps, tumbling, etc.

Since this is a dance team, Indianettes learn multiple routines or the same routine but change different sections of the dance almost every week, especially during competition season.

  • For Tryouts, you will learn one or more routines that you will perform in front of the coach in groups (whether it be by class, random, etc.).
  • Tricks to improving your memory:

Being able to keep up with choreography is one of the most important parts of being on the team, so you will need to do this easy step:

  • Listen to the music provided for you numerous times while dancing to the counts given along with the routine. Counting is your bestfriend.
    • By counting, you’ll have a better chance of fully knowing the dance and performing it to the best of your ability.
  • For tryouts you will need to make up your own routine that you will perform as a solo in front of coach.
    • The routine will need to have either a 30 second or longer routine made. The max for the routine time is over a minute thirty.

You don't want to stress more than you need to.

  • Make up a routine to YOUR favorite type of dance type (hip-hop, jazz, pom, kick, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatic, etc.)
    • This routine is suppose to showcase who YOU really are as a dancer. This is your time to impress the coach, so putting in your best technique and dancing to a great song will help take all the pressure off of tryouts.
Positive Attitudes/Confidence:
  • Being an Indianette for Du Quoin High-school means that you are representing your school both on and off the dance floor so that means positive attitudes and the way you present yourself matter greatly.
  • Your face is the first thing others see when they notice you on the dance floor. Nobody wants to watch someone who isn’t confident in their own skin making a dull facial expression.
    • Dance is suppose to be fun, so portray that while you dance. Even if you don’t know how to make facials, always start with a smile.

If you feel silly, you’re doing it right. :)

  • BREATHE!! If you are one of those who get nervous before dancing or making a public appearance what you need to do is breathe, count to 10, imagine yourself in your happy place, and really dig down deep to dance your heart out.

You are only as good as you think you are!

  • Also to help with confidence, dress to impress. Dress in the clothes Coach has asked you to wear and have your hair up either in a high bun or a high ponytail(anything that’s up and out of your face). Also, makeup is highly recommended; a little lipstick won’t hurt for tryouts.

More info will be announced closer to tryouts, but if you have any further questions, ask a recent member on the team whether it be a small question or if you’d want someone there to teach/help.

Tryouts will be end of April, beginning of May. Dates will be updated closer to time.

Come tryout for the team! We have a set of poms and petes with your name on it! :)