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Guidance News

Watching DHS students’ grades:

Du Quoin High School wants all parents and students to be able to review their current grades in our grade book program. This information can be accessed through School Insight, better known as TeacherEase.

How do you get a TeacherEase Account?

When you provide DHS with an email address, you will receive an email welcome letter from TeacherEase. This welcome email will give a website and a password. Once logged on, you will be able to see current grades as well as quarter and semester grades. Parents can see attendance/tardies, missing assignments, etc.

What about progress reports?

Because you have access to grades, DHS will not mail out progress reports which are normally sent out at midterm, which is four weeks into each quarter. Report cards will continue to be sent one week after each quarter ends. Parents and students are encourage to check grades, especially at midterm. Also, keep in mind that school work at a high school level takes time to grade so grades won’t always be instantly entered. You can call teachers and ask for an update. All teachers’ names, email addresses, and phone extensions are listed under the personal tab of this website.

No internet access?

Let the high school secretaries know and DHS will continue to mail the progress reports to you. You can also use computers at the public library, the John A. Logan Extension Center, or a friend’s home.


If parents are in two different households, the non-custodial parent may also give his/her email address so he/she can have access to the student’s grades. They may also request to have report cards mailed to them.