French club is an extension of French class. The club is designed to explore more Francophone (French-speaking countries) culture worldwide. French club is sponsored by Ms. Rebekah Reyling. Besides from being the French teacher, she is a member of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).

Latest News

We have French Passports this year! You will need to bring them to the meeting and activities to keep track of your points. If you do not have your passport yet please see Ms. Reyling to get yours. If you lose your passport, tough luck.


French club participates in National French Week in November. This is a week long culture adventure of the Francophone world. Each year is different and focuses on different Francophone themes. Events include watching and discussing authentic French films and taste testing French food.

French club participates in Mardi Gras in the spring semester. Mardi Gras is a French tradition celebrated in the spring, but the annual date relies on the date of Easter. It is always 46 days before Easter. Activities include making masks, mini floats, marionettes, and making traditional Mardi Gras foods. In years past the French club has also ordered authentic King's Cake from New Orleans.

Other activities in the past have included a field trip to the Fox theater to see Phantom of the Opera.

How to join?

Membership is open in the fall to all current or past French students. Dues are $10 which includes the club t-shirt.


French club sells Eiffel Bonbons in November as part of National French Week. They are an imported candy from France and are difficult to find in Southern Illinois. French club sells Eiffel Bonbons for $1 each.