Upcoming Dances

With a new school year we begin a new series of social gatherings known collectively as school dances.

Homecoming Dance - September 28, 2019

FCCLA sponsored Sweetheart Dance February 22, 2020

Formal Du Quoin High School Prom - April 25, 2020


There are some rules for eligibility to attend the dances we would be remiss if not included. Any student who wishes to attend a school dance must be part of our random drug testing sample. This means students and parents must sign to agree to be a part of the drug testing. This was included in your registration packet. No former student who has dropped, withdrawn, or been expelled will be allowed access to a Du Quoin High School dance.

Attendance Policy for Dances

Additionally, students must have at least a 90% attendance rate (at least 9 out of every 10 days) to be able to attend any dance. There is also a grade requirement. Students must pass a minimum of 5 out of 7 classes at the midterm to be eligible to attend any dance sponsored by Du Quoin High School. Attendance rates and academic eligibility checks will be made at the following times: mid-term of first quarter for Homecoming, mid-term of second quarter for Sweetheart, and mid-term of the third quarter for Prom.