In accordance with state law, this article contains a listing of any agreements the District may have above the $25,000 reporting threshold. Relative to this reporting requirement is the following:

  1. a. There is one collective bargaining unit within the school district. The recognized collective bargaining unit is known as the DuQuoin Education Association. At the current time, the Board of Education and DuQuoin Education Association are under a one year collective bargaining agreement. There are two separate agreements between the Board and DEA.
    1. One agreement for licensed staff is: Licensed Staff Contract 2018-2021
    2. Another agreement for non-certified staff is: Support Staff Contract 2018-2021
  2. b. The District has one contract above the $25,000 threshold which pertains to the transportation of students within the District. The provider of transportation in the District is:

Durham School Services (formerly MV Student Transportation)
3330 Solutions Center
Chicago, IL 60677

Contract value for present year:

  • Regular Transportation: $383,099
  • Special Education Transportation: $41,103
  • Extra-Curricular Transportation: .95 per mile and $15.90 per hour