Associated Training Services in Sun Prairie. WI

Associated Training Services is America's Oldest and Largest Heavy Equipment, Crane, & CDL Training School. It is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. They offer national accreditation and national credentials so that their graduates can find employment anywhere in the country.

Training programs include: Heavy Equipment, Mobile Crane, Truck Driving, CDL, Rigging/Signalperson, Tower Crane, Digger Derrick, & Specialized Training.

For more information, contact Cori McNicol at 608-354-0710 or cori.m@atsdigs.com. Or you can go to their website at http://www.operator-school.com

NextStepU" College planning magazine

Hear from experts in the college admissions field!

The NextStepU magazine is available to students to help get them to college and pay for it. NextStepU is a college planning & scholarship resource. Click on the link below to read great articles from experts in the field including college admissions & other counselors. In the Fall 2016 issue they are currently offering 2 types of scholarships, one easy Win Free Tuition and a second new STEM scholarship. Check it out.

The link below is the Fall 2016 magazine issue!


Which Illinois colleges offer online courses?

Since online education began in the 1990s and really took off in the 2000s, it has evolved from a rarely-used educational supplement to a viable option not only for adult learners and full-time professionals, but also for first-time students. More schools are now catering to students who cannot or prefer not to attend classes in the traditional, on-campus setting. Students can now earn a fully online degree in nearly every field of study. In an increasingly technological world, it is important for students to learn the skills necessary for not only succeeding in school, but for thriving in the digital workforce. Our company strives to be your main resource in online education, whether you're an experienced online learner, a current student, or are considering attending college online.

State university requirements for Illinois colleges!

What does it take to get admitted?

If you want to know what requirements a college has for admittance, it's a good idea to log on to their website for detailed information, give them a call, or visit the campus. Another way is to attend College Fairs. John A. Logan College has an annual college fair during the fall each year. There are usually 60 colleges that attend. There are also National College Fairs. Generally, on the 3rd Sunday in October St Louis has a national college fair where over 250 colleges are represented. Then on the 3rd Sunday in February Southwest Illinois College (SWIC) in Belleville hosts a National College Fair with over 250 colleges.

A general list of college prep courses are:

  • 4 credits of English
  • 3 credits of Math (beginning with Algebra I)
  • 3 credits of Science (lab sciences)
  • 3 credits of Social Studies
  • 2 credits of Foreign Language (Some colleges require this while others suggest it. And certain majors may require it.)

But here is a synopsis of the requirements for all our state universities. Hopefully, this one sheet can visually show you what you need. But things change often at colleges, so if you have a certain college you're interested in, PLEASE make contact with that college.

We also included some ivy league schools. DHS has had students attend each one of these ivy league schools. Students will need very good grades to compete for ivy leagues schools.

College Searches

What college do I pick? Do they have my major?

How am I going to find the right college for me? How do I know if the college has my major? What's it cost to attend?

All these questions are mighty important. On this page, you'll find several websites that are great for searching for colleges. You can search by major, or location, or size. You can compare the schools. Take time to explore - even as a freshman or sophomore. You are certainly worth the effort. And the more you learn, the better you are later on. Have fun!

College Visits

Questions to Ask When you Visit a college!

Why go to college? Can't I get a job now? Yes, but a college degree will make your chances even better. Check out the earnings and unemployment rates for people 25 years and older with different levels of education:

Level of education completed

Mean (average) earnings in 2014

Unemployment rate in 2014

Less than a high school diploma $30,108 9.0%
High school graduate, no college $43,056 6.0%
Some college, no degree $48,984 6.0%
Occupational program (career school) $48,152 4.3%
Associate degree (academic program) $52,364 4.6%
Bachelor’s degree $74,308 3.5%
Master’s degree $88,036 2.8%
Doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D.) $105,456 2.1%
Professional degree (e.g., M.D., J.D.) $124,904 1.9%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, unpublished tables 2015

So if you plan to go to college, you'll want to visit campuses during your junior year and maybe again in the fall of your senior year. The summer after the junior year is an excellent time to visit or revisit colleges that look promising to you. But when you visit, what do you ask? What do you look for? What areas do you visit? There are several websites that will offer ideas.

One good list of questions to ask is from CollegeXpress.

Another good list is from ACT.

Print out these lists and take them with you when you visit. Stop by the guidance office before you visit and ask for a transcript to take along. Someone at the college might have questions about your GPA or courses you've taken in high school.