DHS Announcements February 28, 2019
DHS Announcements February 28, 2019
Denise Woodsides
Thursday, February 28, 2019

Today’s Lunch:  Pizza, salad, peas, and oranges

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Long john, fruit, juice, and milk

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  BBQ rib patty, smiley fries, celery with ranch, and applesauce cups

On Wednesday, March 6th Driver Education students can attend the Williamson County Traffic Safety Days field trip.  The field trip is in Marion and students will deepen their knowledge on common Driver Education topics. Students will get free lunch and a T-shirt. Any student in Driver Education this school year (2018-2019) is eligible to attend the field trip.  *Only the first 50 students to sign up get to attend. Students must sign up in the office and get a permission slip signed by Friday, March 1st.

Students may sign up with any Illinois Democracy Team teacher to participate in the Tug of War contest.  The cost for each team to enter is $5. Teams must pay before they will be allowed to compete. There is no set number of participants for a team; however, the combined weight of the team must be 650 lbs or less.   Mrs. Miller has a scale for our participants to use. All participants must weigh in at some point and time before competing. The tug of war contests will be on Friday. The winning team will get a Tug of War Champs T-shirt.

Seniors: Reminder that Marshall Browning Hospital Scholarship application is due by this Friday, March 1st. Applications in guidance.

The following people need to turn their throwback jersey in to Mrs. Bush ASAP:

Chloe Prather

Meryn Gross

Elizabeth Bird

Braylee Watson

Bailey Harsy

Emee Darnell

Madison Gaines

Kadin Hudgens

Addy Darnell

Katie Smith

Dylan Thornton

Maci McKinnies

Olivia Whitley

Alyssa LOyd

Toby Hottes

Ashton Coffel

Ashlynn Jackson

Lauren Heape

There will be a quick Varsity Scholar Bowl meeting tomorrow after school.

Updated Penny War Standings....

5th -- Seniors = 3,171 points

4th -- Freshmen = 3,890 points

3rd -- Sophomores = 4,286 points

2nd -- Juniors = 6,382 points

1st -- Teachers 21,503 points