District Description

The DuQuoin Community Unit School District #300 is a rural unit school district with an enrollment of approximately 1,450 students. The district encompasses 105.14 square miles and includes the communities of DuQuoin, St. Johns, and Sunfield. The district was organized in 1968 through a referendum that consolidated DuQuoin Township High School, DuQuoin City Elementary Schools, and the surrounding elementary school districts. Students currently attend school at 3 attendance centers. The DuQuoin Elementary School houses students in grades K-4, with the DuQuoin Middle School housing students in grades 5-8, and the DuQuoin High School housing grade 9-12. The DuQuoin Elementary and Middle School are housed in a modern 120,000 square foot facility that was completed in 1999. Our recently completed new high school facility underwent a major transformation with the recent completion of an extensive renovation of the west end of the facility that includes the band room, gym/dressing areas, and auditorium; the recent completion of a new vocational education facility; and the construction of a new 100,000 square foot academic building that includes new classrooms, new science labs, new computer labs, a new media center, new administrative offices, new commons area, and updated athletic facilities.

The district is a member of the Tri-County Special Education Cooperative that serves special needs students in the counties of Perry, Jackson, and Union. Within the school district, Tri-County leases the J.B. Ward School to provide enhanced services to the students located in the northern part of the Special Education cooperative. Also located at the Ward School is Project SOAR an alternative school setting for students at the middle and high school levels. The school district is a member of the Southern Region Early Childhood Consortium that provides pre-school services to eligible children in the community. This program is housed at DuQuoin High School which also includes the pre-school program for Tri-County.

The school district offers a well-rounded curriculum for all students in grades K-12. At the elementary level, the school utilizes a balanced language development program that has been recognized by the State Board of Education and has been mentioned in the International Reading Journal. The reading program of the school provides instruction based on the learning needs of each individual student. The school also provides exploratory classes in the fine arts, computers, and physical education. Students at this school are exposed to a language arts program that seeks provide instructional support for those who may need additional assistance on a continual basis. Within the school’s math curriculum students are placed in courses to meet their individual learning needs. At the middle school level a comprehensive curriculum is geared toward the needs of the adolescent learner.  As well, the middle school provides several exploratory offerings in art, music, computers, physical education, careers, and horticulture. At the high school level, students are engaged in a curriculum that is geared toward college and career readiness. A recent collaboration with the local community college is allowing students to take advantage of college readiness experiences and dual credit courses to assist them as they move toward post-secondary education opportunities. The district also offers an entry level health care/certified nursing assistant program to students at the high school level. The school has upper-level courses in all subject areas including an AP Calculus course, internship and job opportunities outside the school setting, and a vocational program offering each of the state's five career clusters to address the career preparation needs of students. During the past several years, the high school's ACT and SAT scores have been on a positive trajectory with strong results in each area tested.

The district also seeks to meet the special learning and social/emotional/health needs of students in all grades. The district social workers, speech therapists, and nursing staff are devoted to providing the best services possible to meet the individual needs of all students. Students have great opportunities to be involved in several clubs and organizations at the middle school and high school levels. As well, the district provides a well-rounded athletic program for boys and girls at the middle school and high school levels.

District Contact Information:

Phone Number: (618) 542-3856
Fax Number: (618) 542-6614

Administrative Secretary: Denise Hirsch
E-mail: dhirsch@duquoinschools.org